TI-Based ULP-COM Modules Help Reduce Costs of Ultra Low Power SFF Systems

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A new series of ULP-COM-based Computer-on-Modules helps embedded OEMs drive down system costs for ultra-low-power small form factor (SFF) solutions. The expanded ULP-COM portfolio from Kontron is designed as a highly scalable building block for the swift and cost-effective development of energy-efficient mobile devices. Featuring an extremely low Thermal Design Power (TDP), the Kontron ULP-COM-sA3874i is well-suited for space-constrained, fanless and harsh environment applications. Offering single core ARM Cortex A8 technology performance based on Texas Instrument’s AM3874 Sitara ARM processors, Kontron’s latest ULP-COM module delivers the computing power required by the diverse range of smart devices being designed today in an exceptionally small 82 mm x 50 mm footprint.

The ULP-COM-sA3874i module supports an extended operating temperature range of -40° to +85°C and expands the scalable Computer-on-Module building block model to a broader range of SFF systems that must operate in harsh environmental conditions such as those in the military, industrial automation/HMI, digital signage and medical markets. Support for Android, Linux, WEC7 and additionally a variety of real-time operating systems on project request, enables embedded OEMs to leverage an active ecosystem of development partners.

The new Kontron ULP-COM-sA3874i Computer-on-Module family is available with the Texas Instruments Sitara single core Cortex-A8 technology-based microprocessors (MPUs) for the extended temperature range, which offer performance up to 800 MHz. Kontron’s ULP-COM modules support 3D graphics acceleration and HD video processing. Dual independent displays are possible via parallel 18/24-bit LCD or 18/24-bit single-channel LVDS and HDMI. Additionally, the module supports a parallel camera interface input. The modules provide a x1 Gen 2 PCI Express lane and interface flexibility with 4-bit SDIO and SDMMC storage, SPI x2, I2S x4, I2C x4 for general purpose and CAN Bus x 2. Networking is supported by a 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet port.

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