Industrial Mobile Handheld Device Offers Flexibility, Benefits and Catchy Designs

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A new industrial mobile handheld device utilizes the Android 2.3 operating system, combining high-performance RFID, barcode scanner and 3G/WLAN wireless transmission functions to satisfy diverse application requirements. The IMX-2000 from Adlink Technology can be applied in a wide range of industries and applications including fully supported logistics management, transportation and factory automation. With an 800 MHz processor speed, as well as superior resistance to impact, water and dust, the IMX-2000 has the capacity to enhance productivity and significantly reduce costs. 

The IMX-2000 adopts the Android 2.3 operating system to offer a qualified and user-friendly interface. In addition, all data can be conveniently entered directly by numeric keys into the Android system. To meet customer needs, an application programming interface (API) is provided for secondary development based on specific requirements. 

Designed with high-efficiency barcode scan processing capacity bundled with Reader Utility software, data saved under 1D or 2D barcode can be accessed easily. With integrated Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GSM, GPS and AGPS, the IMX-2000 enhances the reliability of wireless communication. Along with the robust design, the IMX-0200 passes IP65 and 1.5m drop tests to ensure continuous operation after being inadvertently dropped, and provides highly efficient operation even in extreme environments.

With a 3.5” resistor-type touch panel, the IMX-2000 is designed to be readable in sunlight for outdoor purposes. Equipped with a 5M pixel back camera, the IMX-2000 supports wireless broadband for real-time video communication and surveillance. Also, the memory is expandable via microSD supporting SDHC up to 32 Gbyte. Embedded with the rechargeable Lithium battery with 3900 mAh, the IMX-2000 can provide long-term operation. A charging cradle is also provided along with the IMX-2000 for added convenience.

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