Programmable SoC Family Powers Precision Analog with a Single-Cell Battery

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New applications needing single-cell battery performance and high-precision analog can take advantage of a new family of programmable SoCs that incorporated precision programmable analog on an ARM Cortex M-3 device that also incorporates over 80 components that can be configured with the device’s development kit. The PSoC 5LP devices from Cypress Semiconductor offer programmable analog precision with differential 12-bit SARs and a 20-bit DelSig ADC supported by a 1.024V±0.1% accurate internal voltage reference. The ADCs include 62 channels, fully functional analog from 1.71 - 5.5V and the widest input signal range from 0 - 5.5V of any ARM Cortex-M device. The wide variety of the PSoC Creator kit’s programmable analog components include opamps, comparators, trans impedance amplifiers (TIAs), programmable gain amplifiers (PGAs), mixers, segment LCDs, CapSense touch sensing, DACs, analog muxes and more. All of the components are configurable to meet individual application requirements to deliver a single chip solution. 

Consuming only 300 nA in Hibernate mode, the new devices can wake-up on I/Os and retain the state of the CPU core, SRAM and device configuration. Suitable for single cell battery operation, Cypress’s boost technology allows designers to power up and regulate on as little as 0.5V. Unlike fixed-function MCUs, PSoC allows designers to further reduce power consumption by customizing each peripheral component so unnecessary functions do not consume any power.

PSoC 5LP offers programmable analog and digital with flexible routing and interconnect in easy-to-use Components within PSoC Creator. Designers can easily build their own custom embedded controller, implementing standard and proprietary protocols with immunity to specification changes. With the ability to customize logic functions, peripherals, the analog front end and analog subsystems, designers can achieve greater system integration and a reduced system bill of materials. PSoC enables designers to solve complex problems easily with more than 80 pre-verified, production-ready Components. It also empowers companies to create and replicate custom Components across the organization. 

PSoC Creator allows users to configure PSoC programmable hardware into a personalized, one-chip solution. The free IDE comes with production ready Components and APIs for easy and fast configuration of the device.

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