Multicore Microcontroller Family Doubles Real-Time Performance of USB-Equipped Variants

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Three new USB-equipped multicore microcontroller products address the processing and interfacing needs of a broad range of embedded applications. The new products from Xmos are the U10-128, U12-128 and the U16-128, which provide 10, 12 and 16 logical cores respectively and deliver up to 1000 MIPS of deterministic parallel computing, along with 128 Kbytes of on-chip RAM.

The family takes advantage of the recently announced xSOFTip range of software-based peripherals and processing blocks, which include I2S, TDM, SPDIF and AES/EBU processing. A wide range of audio DSP blocks are also available including filters, equalizers, stereo spatialization and mixers.

The devices incorporate a high-speed USB 2.0 PHY and can support 480 Mbit/s data rates and USB Audio Class 2. This allows the xCORE-USB device family to address a range of demanding applications including high-performance peripherals, audiophile consumer audio, sound-bars, multi-channel USB audio interfaces, DJ products, USB speakers and protocol conversion plus bridging.

Other features include a multichannel 12-bit 1 MSPS analog to digital converter, standby and deep sleep modes for energy-sensitive applications, power on reset, watchdog timer, brownout detection and integrated oscillator circuits. The xCORE architecture uses a 32-bit multicore technology with hardware response to deliver deterministic performance and complete I/O flexibility with a simple high-level C programming environment. 

xCORE devices are supported by the xTIMEcomposer Studio development tools, which give the designer access to the power of multicore processing in a familiar C/C++ environment. xTIMEcomposer Studio includes static timing analysis and cycle-accurate simulation tools, making it easy for designers to meet precise real-time requirements. The XS1-U8-64 is available now, priced from $6.00 in volume. 

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