Stylish and Interactive Panel PC with Intel Atom and NM10 Chipset

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A new Panel PC is based on the Intel Atom dual-core processor D2550 1.86 GHz and the Intel NM10 chipset. The EUDA2 from American Portwell comes standard with a true flat projected capacitive multi-touch display. With its ultra-slim and lightweight aluminum tooling, it is rugged yet stylish. Its cable-less design, HDD tray and wide DC input range add to its flexibility and durability. The COM port and I/O board docking are selectable via BIOS. Furthermore, it is compliant with VESA mounting standards, which further testify to the universality of the EUDA2. While it also comes equipped with application programming interfaces (APIs) and EtherCAT support, many of the attributes and versatility of the EUDA2 make it an attractive solution for Industrial Automation, Kiosk and Human Machine Interface (HMI) applications.

The EUDA2 is compact, 50 mm thick and has a 12.1” or 15” display. With its multi-touch and stylish industrial design combined with a painted and seamless assembly, the EUDA2 is capable of operating in a 0° to 50°C temperature range. Additionally, it is resistant to vibrations up to 1G and shock up to 15G. 

Less is more. At a weight of less than 4kg, the EUDA2 is ready for VESA mounting. Its true flat touch screen and IP54 protection make cleaning easy. Moreover, it has an easily removable back cover, HDD tray and CF cover. In addition, EUDA2 comes equipped with I/O board docking, a Golden Finger connector and a RS-232/433/485 port selectable via BIOS for the use of peripheral legacy devices. 

EUDA2 offers a full HD video decoder to deliver greater graphics performance. Additionally, APIs and EtherCAT efficiently support system integration of HMIs and Cloud Computing, which enable quick and efficient changes or updates by way of Internet when necessary. 

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