Data Acquisition Software Adds Application-Based Features

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A client-server-based transient recorder application and signal analysis software has recently been upgraded with many new features. TranAX 3.4 (formerly TransAS) from Elsys Instruments, now has added many new functions geared toward individual application needs that are not currently available through other programs. Elsys incorporated feedback from existing users as well as from internal resources to make the software more versatile and increase its ease of use.

Specialized applications that benefit from the enhancements include ballistics measurement, crash testing, structural health, seismic research and field testing as well as stray voltage detection, variable frequency drive diagnosis, connector conductivity testing, high voltage switching, rail and automotive control and monitoring.

Video recordings in common formats, such as AVI, MP4, MPG, etc., can now be imported and synchronously displayed with actual measurement signals. This enables users to analyze measurement data and recordings by a high-speed camera simultaneously on screen. For analyzing acoustic signals, frequency spectra can be displayed as standard, octave or 1/3 octave. Audio signals can be weighted in dB-A or dB-C.

The redesigned formula editor in version 3.4 now has 60 mathematical functions and an unlimited number of math-traces included for extensive signal analysis. Program functions such as If/Then, Loops, End, True/False, etc., make computing post-measurement results from multiple simultaneous and/or sequential recordings easy and efficient. Events benefiting from these functions include multiblock recordings, a series of stored measurement files recorded by auto-sequence or single shot acquisitions with multiple events in one record.

Application-specific computing algorithms can be stored and recalled for later use. Programming can be done separately in a higher level language under Microsoft .NET, with the resulting software code then integrated as DLL in TranAX.

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