CompactPCI Serial SBC with Third Generation Core Processor

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A new 3U CompactPCI Serial SBC boasts speeds up to 3.3 GHz using Turbo Boost functionality. The Intel Quad Core i7-based G22 from MEN Micro provides exceptional processing performance in data-intensive environments. The G22 also provides high graphics performance as well as state-of-the-art I/O functionality. This, the second CompactPCI Serial-based SBC from MEN Micro, the G22 enables fast serial data transfers up to 12 Gbit/s and full mesh capabilities without additional configuration overhead. 

The G22 is suited for applications requiring high computing power, as typically found in transportation, industrial automation or power generation applications. Support of a Trusted Platform Module ensures data security, and the Intel Active Management Technology allows easy maintenance, making the G22 single board computer a robust solution in safety-critical applications with high computing performance. Using the BIOS, the processor frequency can also be stepped down in order to lower the power consumption below the default 45W, allowing the board to be used in applications with higher temperatures. 

The integrated graphics processor, supporting a resolution of up to 2560x1600 pixels, transfers the desired content in HD format via two front DisplayPorts, which can also be used as HDMI or DVI connections using an external adapter. Additional front panel I/O includes two Ethernet and two USB interfaces.

At the rear, four USB 3.0, four USB 2.0, two 3rd generation SATA and three 2nd generation SATA ports are standard, in addition to a Display or HDMI port, five PCI Express x1 and two PEG x8 ports. With added mezzanine modules, four, or possibly all, of the eight Gigabit Ethernet interfaces specified in the CompactPCI Serial standard can be led to the backplane. Further expansion is accommodated through mSATA and microSD card slots. 

The G22 comes with 4 or 8 Gbyt of soldered DDR3 DRAM, complete with ECC. All components are soldered to withstand heavy shock and vibration and conformal coating protects the 3U SBC from dust and humidity. Watchdogs monitor the processor and board temperature. Pricing for the G22 is $3,008.

MEN Micro, Ambler, PA. (215) 542-9575. [].