Virtex7 6U VPX Module with High-Performance ADC/DAC module

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A new 6U VPX module is based on the Xilinx Virtex-7 OpenVPX COTS DSP Engine designed for sense-and-response applications that require high bandwidth and minimal latency. The CHAMP-WB, from Curtiss-Wright Controls Defense Solutions, is accompanied by the TADF-4300 module, featuring Tektronix Component Solutions’ 12.5 GS/s Analog-to-Digital (ADC) and /Digital-to-Analog (DAC) technologies. Combined, these two modules form the CHAMP-WB-DRFM and provide the highest bandwidth/highest resolution platform for wideband Digital Radio Frequency Memory (DRFM) processing available in the embedded defense and aerospace market, delivering an unprecedented 12.5 GS/s 8-bit ADC and 12.5 GS/s 10-bit DAC performance from a single 6U slot.

This new rugged 6U card set is the first product resulting from Curtiss-Wright’s recently announced technology and marketing partnership with Tektronix Component Solutions, and features the jointly developed TADF-4300 module. The CHAMP-WB-DRFM card set is optimized for EW applications and provides the industry’s lowest latency, highest performance ADC/DAC and highest available I/O bandwidth. Based on Tektronix’s silicon germanium (SiGe) data converters, the TADF-4300, when coupled with the CHAMP-WB’s onboard Virtex7 FPGA and high-speed wideband interfaces, enables designers to develop powerful embedded DRFM solutions with 3x the performance of existing CMOS-based offerings.

As a standalone card, the CHAMP-WB is designed to support any application that needs large amounts of I/O bandwidth coupled with significant FPGA processing and minimal delay. Its modular design supports both standard Virtex7 -compatible FMC (VITA 57) mezzanine cards as well as providing for higher throughput modules such as the TADF-4300. These cards support commercial applications such as direct RF digitization, ground-penetrating radar (GPR) and coherent optical applications, as well as enabling deployed defense and aerospace, sense & response applications that require wideband capability and low latency, such as DRFM, EW, Signal Intelligence (SIGINT) and Electronic Counter Measures (ECM).

Software support for the CHAMP-WB includes Curtiss-Wright’s industry leading FXTools BSP and FPGA design kit, which features highly optimized IP Blocks, development environment, reference designs, scriptable simulation test benches and software libraries. Operating environment support includes VxWorks and Linux variants.

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