Fanless Medical Computer Pushes Mobile Functionality

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The first of a new TOPAZ line of medical computers from Adlink Technology features rich I/O connectivity, wireless support and duty-specific performance processors with long life support. The TPZ-1300 from Adlink Technology delivers ruggedized reliability, making it suitable for mobile functionality in environments such as telemedicine, nursing information systems (NIS) and medical administration.

The Adlink TPZ-1300’s customization for healthcare IT operations provides highly available functionality, with MTBF exceeding 250,000 hours for 24/7 operation. A fanless and cable-free structure ensures extended durability for long-term usage, easy-to-clean housing and noiseless operation to satisfy stringent medical application requirements. An anti-bacterial coating option is also available. The TPZ-1300 provides robust construction, withstanding up to 5G vibration and 100G shock, easily meeting the needs of telemedicine applications such as telecardiology, telepathology and nursing workstation use. The TPZ-1300 is equipped with the Atom D2550/N2600 processor and also provides abundant I/O function from six USB ports, three GbE ports, four COM ports, one mini PCI-E slot and four digital inputs and outputs to optimize communication and control between multiple devices. The TPZ-1300 also supports multiple OS, including Windows 7, Windows 7 Embedded, Windows XP, Windows XP Embedded and WinCE 7.0.

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