New Low-Cost Boundary Scan Bundle for Technology Entry

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A special package is now targeted for beginners in JTAG/Boundary Scan or users with cost-sensitive projects. PicoTAP Designer Studio from Goepel Electronic is a complete boundary scan test system including hardware and software and offering an extremely reasonable price-performance-ratio. In addition to a Mixed Signal I/O module, the bundle contains the world’s smallest boundary scan controller, the PicoTAP, which is powered via USB and can be plugged directly into the I/O module.

The hardware/software bundle contains a PicoTAP controller, a CION Module FXT-96/A and a SYSTEM CASCON Basic/SX Development Station. Because of the included CION I/O module, analog and digital peripheral ports can also be tested. Additionally, relays and Opto I/O are available to flexibly optimize test coverage. 

Two package versions are available so that users may choose their most beneficial version. The bundle’s performance level can be extended from pure test (base version) to additional applications such as in-system programming of small Flash and PLD or memory and cluster test. Numerous hardware and software options are additionally available so that the test unit’s performance may grow with the application and investments are protected. 

Boundary Scan (IEEE Std. 1149.x) is an access method for the test and programming of complex circuits without mechanical probe access (non-intrusive). Boundary Scan is part of the Embedded System Access (ESA) strategies and is based on design-integrated test electronics. ESA technologies include techniques such as chip embedded instruments, processor emulation test, in-system programming or core assisted programming. They are currently the most modern strategies for validation, test and debug as well as programming of complex boards and systems. They can be applied throughout the entire product life cycle, enabling enhanced test coverage at reduced costs.

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