Visualization Tool Enhancements Simplify Defect Detection

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New enhancements to the CodeSonar software architecture visualization tool from Grammatech include a new tree map view designed to allow users to easily see the hierarchical structure of the code in a very information-dense form. The view uses colorization to show the density of defects in modules so users can easily identify the most problematic parts of the code. 

The call graph is organized by module structure. Users can drill down to see a greater level of detail, choose different layouts such as treemap, circuit, cluster, flow, radial and other layouts, and attach persistent notes to the diagram. Transitions such as zooming or layout changes are fluid and real-time. 

With CodeSonar visualization, users can start at individual functions to gain insight from a bottom-up perspective, annotate nodes and edges with additional information, and overlay the visualization with information on defects and source-code metrics. CodeSonar visualization also includes other program-understanding and navigation features, and supports sharing of diagrams between team members.

Other features allow users to search the graph for functions of interest and navigate to and from the source code of the program. In addition, the architecture is extensible, so users can generate graphs from other sources, feed them in an XML format to the tool, and see them in the same user interface. CodeSonar visualization works in standard web clients. 

CodeSonar has long been the software-analysis tool of choice for embedded developers working on mission-critical applications such as satellites, avionics, industrial controls and medical devices. Companies outside the safety-critical space use CodeSonar to improve software reliability and security. This includes organizations developing software for wireless devices, networking equipment and consumer electronics.

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