Gang Tester Provides Significant Increase in Throughput

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A new TAP Transceiver for the test and programming of up to 16 electronic assemblies in parallel comes with an integrated system power supply that helps to increase the throughput for UUT (unit under test) with a single TAP (test access port) by factor 16. This results in significantly improved production efficiency and reduced investment costs. Thanks to the TAP interfaces’ programmability (voltage, delay, protocol, etc.) and the TAP-to-UUT assignments’ individual configurability, the system can be flexibly customized to fit nearly any environment and application.

The SFX-TAP16/G-RM from Goepel Electronic is available as rackmount version in 19’’ technology (1U) and provides 16 parallel TAPs. Its architecture supports all modern Embedded System Access (ESA) technologies, including boundary scan, processor emulation and chip-embedded instrumentation, enabling the basic paradigm change for test and programming methods without mechanical probe access (non-intrusive). This new Scanflex module was developed specifically for Gang applications, whereby various test and programming strategies can be freely combined.

The new transceiver can be flexibly adapted to the UUT characteristics; its bandwidth reaches from concurrent test/programming of 16 UUTs with a single TAP to two UUT with eight TAP each. In addition, the TAPs can be individually programmed in many parameters. 

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