Portable Data Acquisition System for Rugged, Remote Environments

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A highly accurate transient recorder technology is now available in a portable, ruggedized system for in-the-field measurements. Available with up to 24 channels and sample rates up to 240 MS/s, the flexible TraNET PPC from Elsys Instruments enables precise data acquisition from multiple points simultaneously.  

The new system combines Elsys’ high-speed, LAN-controlled instruments with a robust industrial PC for flexible data acquisition in a number of harsh and mission-critical environments, including power plant maintenance, electric traction engine testing, ballistics and explosive testing.

The LAN connectivity enables reliable, standalone operation in remote applications as well, such as structural health verification on bridges and buildings, seismic activity monitoring or stray voltage detection from defective power lines. Channel configurations of 4, 8 and 12 are available in addition to the 24, depending on application needs. Each channel provides up to 128 Mbyte of acquisition memory.  

Different Elsys PCI/PCIe-compatible TPCX and TPCE digitizers comprise the heart of the TraNET PPC, depending on specific application needs. The modules offer a typical measurement precision of ±0.03% with transfer speeds of up to 2.5 Gbyte/s on the PCIe-compatible modules. These digitizers offer many features such as single-ended and differential inputs, large input voltage and offset ranges, advanced trigger capabilities with an external trigger, programmable anti-aliasing filters as well as ICP input for piezo sensors and digital inputs.

The new TraNET PPC offers several different recording modes to address specific data requirements. Scope mode, similar to an oscilloscope, enables quick configuration of acquisition parameters for simply visualizing and analyzing single-shot events. Continuous mode acquires and writes data onto the internal hard disk at a high speed with no loss of data or dead times between events. Block mode divides the available onboard data acquisition memory into absolute or relative time-stamped blocks and is especially useful for capturing signal bursts where only relevant data needs to be recorded. 

The most sophisticated mode, Event Controlled Recording (ECR), provides “intelligent streaming” for troubleshooting and long-term monitoring applications. ECR uses smart trigger logic that allows adjacent channels to overlap, ensuring all relevant data is captured and eliminating dead time between triggers. In addition, every channel can acquire waveform data independently on trigger command as well as synchronously with associated channels. Pricing for a TraNET PPC starts at $13,500.  

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