2U RAID Array Is NEBS Certified for Telecom Applications

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A new 2U RAID array has been certified to Network Equipment Building System (NEBS) Level 3. The 12-drive array from One Stop Systems supports up to 48 Tbyte data storage using twelve 4 Tbyte SATA drives. It connects to the host server with either PCIe x8 or SASx4 connectivity. The chassis includes dual redundant 500-watt power supplies, two removable blowers for superior cooling, and a removable NEBS filter and filter cover.  

The RAID array boasts 2700 Mbyte/s data transfers from server to storage on a single PCIe x8 connection. A single SASx4 connection to the server provides 1900 Mbyte/s data transfers. PCIe is suitable for storage applications that require extremely fast read and write transfers. Because there is no software conversion from PCIe on the motherboard to another protocol, latency is reduced, providing extremely fast data transfers. Two SASx4 inputs cable from one or two servers to the two SAS connectors on the rear of the RAID array. Both can be input connections from two servers or one can be an input and the other an output to connect another RAID array, thereby doubling the storage capacity and increasing the performance.

NEBS is the most common set of safety, spatial and environmental design guidelines applied to telecommunications equipment in the United States. Although not a legal requirement, it is an industry requirement. NEBS Level 3 has strict specifications for fire suppression, thermal margin testing, vibration resistance (earthquakes), airflow patterns, acoustic limits, failover and partial operational requirements (such as chassis fan failures), failure severity levels, RF emissions and tolerances, and testing/certification requirements. This makes the 2U RAID array ideal for data center applications. While NEBS certification is only required for telecommunications central office equipment, certification means that compute systems that pass the strict requirements are held to higher standards. The 2U RAID array lists for $5,899 and is available immediately

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