21.5-Inch High Definition Rugged Video Mission Display

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A rugged mission display for airborne platforms comes as a next generation video display with touchscreen and is designed for the most demanding helicopter and fixed wing applications. Featuring a wide array of digital and analog inputs, the AVDU5500 from Curtiss-Wright Controls Defense Systems easily connects to the market’s leading electro-optical turrets, either directly or via any of Curtiss-Wright’s Skyquest VMS video distribution units. The AVDU5500 delivers full HD 1080p resolution and provides market-leading features and performance designed specifically for the demands of defense and law enforcement surveillance, search and rescue applications and the extended environmental characteristics demanded by airborne platforms.

The AVDU5500 combines an array of video viewing options and visibility features. For example, the popular built-in “quad screen” option enables operators to view up to four independent live video images simultaneously from any of the multiple video sources sent to the display. The AVDU5500 uses advanced optical bonding techniques to ensure maximum visibility in bright sunshine conditions and improved ruggedness.

As standard, the AVDU5500 utilizes a dual LED backlight for Night Vision Goggle (NVG) filtering purposes. When required, the display can be switched into NVG mode, which switches off the standard white backlight and turns on the NVG filtered backlighting, conforming to MIL-STD-3009 NVIS B. This gives the user full color, high brightness imagery usable with direct sunlight during daylight operations, as well as perfectly filtered imagery for NVG operations at night. All other display bezel lighting is also NVG filtered as standard.

The AVDU5500 is designed to provide airborne operators with the greatest amount of flexibility and control. The display’s 5-wire resistive touchscreen can be customized to operate with any of today’s leading digital moving maps. A wide array of I/O options, including USB, Ethernet and RS-422/232, enable the AVDU5500 to interface with peripheral equipment. Its eight “hard” bezel keys located at the bottom of the display, control core display functions such as power on/off, brightness and channel selection. With a single keystroke, user-definable, touchscreen-operated “soft” keys can be displayed around the perimeter of the display overlaid on the video. The functions controlled by these soft keys can be defined at the factory and include a range of standard options including Skyquest video recorder control, Picture-in-Picture selection and Quad View.

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