Flexible Family of OpenVPX Pass-Through Backplanes

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A new series of OpenVPX pass-through backplanes speeds the development of custom OpenVPX system designs by passing all of the high-speed serial fabric connections directly to RTM connectors. These 3U and 6U OpenVPX backplanes, an addition to the Hybricon family by Curtiss-Wright Controls Defense Solutions, are designed for applications that require non-standard backplane interconnections. This approach can dramatically reduce development time and cost while mitigating design risk. It also provides the system designer with greater flexibility for development applications in which the final fabric connectivity needs are not yet fully defined. All Hybricon pass-through backplanes are compatible with RTMs or Meritec VPX+ cable systems, enabling the system integrator to easily and quickly make application-specific connections via cabling in a development environment.

Pass-through backplanes can save OpenVPX system developers time and money, freeing them to continue their system definition without locking them into a specific custom backplane, providing a COTS alternative to custom OpenVPX backplanes for development activities.

The Hybricon OpenVPX pass-through backplanes come in 3U and 6U versions. Both versions are VPX REDI 1” pitch (7 slots wide) and feature no data plane, control plane, or expansion plane fabric connectivity. All fabric signals pass through to RTM connectors for users. A Develop-to-Deploy (D2D ) ATR chassis is available and an air- or conduction-cooled development chassis is available.

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