Customizable 3.5” Touchscreen Device with Accelerometer and Servo

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A new expansion board features a 3D accelerometer, audio in/out jacks, two USB mini-B jacks and a console port. The Alto35 from Gumstix also adds an RC servo, LEDs in four different colors, two tactile switches and an included 3.5” resistive touch-screen display from InTouch Electronics to the expansion board. All Gumstix Overo computers-on-module are compatible with the Alto35 expansion board, providing access to the versatile software solutions supported by Gumstix, including Linaro Ubuntu with Robot Operating System and the Yocto Project for easy development.

The standard Alto35 expansion board can be ordered from Gumstix, and cloning and customization to custom specifications takes just three weeks with Geppetto. Embedded developers can leverage the availability of the Alto35 as a pre-built product for evaluation, with Geppetto-customized boards later offering greatly enhanced potential for tailored solutions and certain compatibility. Geppetto users may choose to keep customizations private, or share their version of the Alto35 with the Geppetto developer community. The Alto35 is available for $89.


Redwood City, CA.