ARINC-629 PMC Module Targets Obsolescence Market

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An air-cooled ARINC-629 PMC range of modules targets the obsolescence market to keep Boeing 777 test and simulation support alive. The Sy629PMC-BPM from Sycos AES features a full transmitter and bus monitor, with RPP and Multiple XPP in embedded SRAM. The card employs a qualified terminal controller (DATAC) and system interface module (SIM) to guarantee transmission integrity at all times. The card supports 32-bit 33/66 MHz PCI on PMC interface to allow users to gain access to ARINC-629 resources through VxWorks RTOS on VME PMC carrier card or PC through Windows 7 DLL.

Data for transmission/reception is possible through embedded switchable dual-paged SRAM or through external 16-channel Cycle Buffer (2Tx, 14Rx) SRAM memory. Rx messages can be directed to any of the 14 Rx Cyclic Data Buffers by RPP programming. Embedded FIFO resource provides chronological data logging with 0.5uS time-stamp resolution. Embedded RPP SRAM memory enables filtering of desired messages, but a Receive Monitor can be enabled to capture all messages present on the connected bus. A Transmit Monitor can also be enabled to capture own terminal messages for transmit checking purposes. Connection to the Arinc-629 Stub Cable is through a 4-pin Lemo connector on the front panel.

A further two Arinc-629 PMC modules address the fault insertion/detection (Sy629PMC-BPE) and Multiple-Terminal-Emulation (Sy629PMC-BPT) requirements for LRU test and flight simulation, giving a complete suite of hardware that can be installed on any VME, PXI, PCI or PCIe PMC carrier card.

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