Freescale PowerQUICC III Processor-Based ARINC-429 PrPMC Module

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An air-cooled PrPMC module based upon Freescale Semiconductor’s PowerQUICC III e500v2 core processor is integrated with 32 channels of ARINC-429 to provide a completely autonomous avionics interface to support flight simulator and avionics test applications. The Sy429PrPMC-RT32E from Sycos AES features the Freescale MPC8548E PowerPC e500v2 core processor running at 800MHz, supported by 2 Gbyte user installable SODIMM DDR2 SDRAM and 64 Mbyte of user flash for boot and program memory. The card supports 32-bit 33/66 MHz PCI on PMC interface.

ARINC-429 resources are accessible by application programming on the PowerPC or from the host processor through the PCI interface, making the card user friendly to both Windows and real-time computing environments. ARINC-429 data gathered through the PowerPC application can be displayed simultaneously in a Windows application on the PC. Two Gigabit Ethernet ports and two RS-232 interfaces connect to the P14 for access via PIM for VME or Sycos proprietary PCI, PrPMC carrier card. ARINC I/O is through a front panel SCSI connector. The card has battery back-up Real Time Clock and external clock and sync inputs through P14 connector. The card is supported by embedded VxWorks v6.8 RTOS, which boots at power-up, and Windows 7 DLL for PC applications.

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