PCI Express Packet Processor Card Features Cavium Octeon II

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A high-performance network PCI Express packet processor card is designed for use in PCI Express-compliant servers and systems. Powered by the Cavium Networks Octeon II CN68XX multicore processor, the O2E-100 platform from JumpGen Systems off-loads network-centric tasks utilizing processor clock rates up to 1.2 GHz and up to 32 cnMIPS64 v2 processor cores and multiple accelerator engines. Multiple selections of CPU speed and core count allow for configurations to support a wide variety of thermal and power limitations.

Targeting the needs of developers in deep packet inspection, network security and high-frequency trading, in addition to other packet inspection applications, the O2E-100 enables integrating network-centric processing into a standard server environment. By incorporating the Cavium CN68XX processor in a standard single-slot PCI Express card form factor, the board optimizes network efficiency while simplifying deployment.

O2E-100 features include up to 32-way SMP Linux and Cavium Simple Executive and up to 64 Gbytes of quad-channel 72-bit wide DDR3 ECC memory. There are four SFP/SFP+ interfaces provided on the front panel, supporting 1GigE (including 10/100M) or 10GigE and PCI Express Gen2 x4 to base board. JumpGen’s team of experts is available for technical support and hardware design services. Customers can leverage JumpGen’s knowledge base to extend their product functionality in application-specific form factors.

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