Drag and Drop Platform To Design and Build Custom Embedded Computers

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A complete system for building and ordering custom embedded computers without the need for extensive knowledge of electrical engineering combines a powerful web application for easy design with manufacturing capabilities. The Geppetto system from Gumstix reduces the process of creating an affordable, high-end electronic device from the typical three months to less than three weeks.

The process of creating custom electronic devices has been technical and lengthy. Traditional solutions require an electrical engineer to design a schematic of a board and then have a printed circuit board (PCB) specialist lay it out. Instead, Geppetto’s web application simplifies the process by providing an intuitive solution where designers can create the board with a drag and drop approach and connect desired modules, USB plugs, network connectors, LEDs or even whole computer-on-modules to meet specifications. Geppetto provides intuitive color-based status indicators of design completion while managing low-level routing issues.

If a design needs additional features to function successfully, Geppetto suggests alternative modules to complete the design. Designing a custom device with Geppetto, ready for manufacturing, can take as little as 10 minutes depending on complexity. Designs can then be saved, optionally shared with the Geppetto developer community and ordered online from the catalog. Because Gumstix provides all modules in Geppetto’s module library, customers don’t need to arrange any manufacturing logistics, thus eliminating cumbersome and costly supply chain management. With no minimum quantity required, an affordable per-unit charge (based on components used) and a manufacturing setup fee of just $1,999.00, Geppetto also offers exceptional value to electronics designers.

Geppetto was designed for customers who want a device tailored to their specifications, without the cost of conventional electrical engineering, layout and manufacturing. To achieve maximum flexibility in cost and performance as well as ease-of-use, Geppetto relies on a comprehensive set of core features. A streamlined, web-based design interface allows users to drag, drop and connect modules without specialized knowledge of electrical design. There is a developer community for sharing designs, and the inspiration to create new ones. With the advantage of Gumstix’ existing manufacturing capabilities, Geppetto offers excellent value in electrical design, at any quantity and all Geppetto-manufactured devices are tested to verify functionality and are delivered in ready-to-use condition.

Redwood City, CA.