Windows Video Wall Management Software for Digital Signage

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A software update from Matrox Graphics gives video wall integrators greater control over Mura MPX-based video wall content and layouts. Key new features of MuraControl 2.0 include transparency and color-keying effects, the addition of local inputs and control over them, plus source touring and scheduling functionality.

Transparency and color keying that enables blending videos and images with the desktop, a background image, or another video, is now possible by setting transparency levels for one or more windows. Source and destination color keying can also be used to enable interesting special effects, such as applying a graphic skin to a logo, or playing a video through it.

It is also now possible to capture, display and control local VLC video and RealVNC sessions, along with Microsoft Image Viewer, PowerPoint and Internet Explorer files. VLC videos can be set to “play” or “pause,” and PowerPoint presentations can be delivered by pressing “next” or “back.” Keyboard and mouse functionality can be sent to local applications in order to gain remote control over VNC sessions or to browse the Internet on the video wall.

Automated cycling through multiple sources is now supported. This feature is useful in video wall environments such as security control rooms monitoring multiple camera feeds on multiple displays, or digital signage applications featuring back-to-back ads, scaled up to fit all or part of the display wall.

MuraControl has always allowed clients to create separate layouts showing different sources and window arrangements. With the new layout scheduling feature, those layouts can now be set to switch at specific times of the day so that the video wall can communicate different data at different times. The Matrox MuraControl 2.0 for Windows software license is now available for purchase. The free 21-day trial version is now available for download from the Matrox website.

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