Exceptional Positioning Accuracy in GNSS-Enabled PCI Express Mini Card

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A new PCI Express Mini Card uses a global navigation satellite system (GNSS) receiver to handle data transmissions from both GPS and its Russian counterpart, the GLONASS system. The PX1 from Men Micro, which supports both active and passive antennas via a U.FL connector, provides superior satellite-based communication worldwide. A gyroscope sensor on the new Mini Card enables dead reckoning functionality, ensuring accurate position identification even when a satellite signal is interrupted, such as driving through a tunnel.

This functionality, combined with the board’s GNSS receiver, makes the PX1 attractive for fleet management applications where commercial vehicles, such as trains, buses, ships and airplanes, travel across wide geographic ranges. Various satellite-based augmentation systems (SBAS) that help improve the accuracy, reliability and availability of the GNSS information are also supported by the PX1 for increased positioning accuracy.

In addition to handling data generated from the current GPS and GLONASS satellite systems, the Mini Card has been developed to support communications on the pending European Galileo system, set for launch in 2014, as well as the Chinese Compass system that is on track for global availability in the future. Pricing for the PX1 is $238 USD.

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