New TI Sitara Processor for Custom-Built Board Design Tool

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Gumstix, a provider of Linux computers-on-modules (COMs) for electronics manufacturers, has announced the addition of the Texas Instruments (TI) Sitara AM3354 processor for custom single-board design capabilities to its Geppetto design platform. While Geppetto previously focused on allowing users to design expansion boards for use with Gumstix computers-on-module (COMs), the addition of the TI Sitara AM3354 processor to Geppetto’s library offers greater flexibility for custom, single-board designs.

Geppetto-designed boards feature a TI Sitara AM3354 processor running at 720 MHz with 256 Mbyte of DDR2 RAM on board. Users simply drag and drop the processor onto a board and then connect the desired features to implement it. Fully assembled single-board computers are ordered at the touch of a button and arrive within 20 business days. Furthermore, Geppetto’s support for the Yocto Project build system makes it easy for developers to create a complete, portable solution with minimal time and effort.

TI’s Sitara processor portfolio provides great flexibility and customization for Geppetto-designed boards. Because of the addition of the AM3354 processor to the Geppetto library, users will be able to quickly and easily design systems based on the AM3354 module. The Sitara AM3354 module, including RAM, is priced at $45 as part of any single-board Geppetto design. Visit for more information and to begin designing a custom single-board computer.

Developers can use the Geppetto web application to build custom embedded computers. Designers start with the web design tool and Gumstix ships completed boards in 20 business days. Electrical engineers and industrial designers create devices with its intuitive drag and drop approach to connect USB plugs, network connectors, LEDs or even whole computer-on-modules to meet specifications. Color-based status indicators show design completion while Geppetto manages low-level routing issues behind the scenes. Alternative modules can be suggested for further functionality. Geppetto trims a typical four month process of creating a high-end electronic device to one of less than three weeks.

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