Windows/Linux Embedded Computer with Xilinx Kintex-7 FPGA Includes FMC I/O Sites

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A user-customizable, turnkey embedded instrument includes a full Windows/Linux PC and supports a wide assortment of ultimate-performance FMC modules. With its modular I/O, scalable performance and easy-to-use PC architecture, the ePC-K7 from Innovative Integration reduces time-to-market while providing real-time performance. Applications include embedded instrumentation, remote sensing, autonomous I/O, mobile instrumentation and distributed data acquisition.

The ePC-K7 addresses the needs of many customers in a variety of markets such as wireless, industrial control, military hardware, medical imaging, telecom/intelligence and test & measurement. It combines an industry-standard COM Express CPU Type 6 module with dual FMC I/O modules in a compact, stand-alone design and integrates programmable Kintex-7 325T/410T and Spartan 6 FPGAs from Xilinx. Its small 5” H x 8” W x 11” D form factor also offers a conduction-cooled design with fins or cold-plate. Stand-alone operation enables the ePC-K7 to operate headless, booting from SSD, and it offers Windows, Linux and RTOS OS support.

The ePC-K7 has dual VITA 57 FMC I/O module sites, which allow adding anything from RF receivers to industrial control modules. I/O sites deliver >3000 Mbyte/s to CPU memory, and there is integrated timing and triggering support for I/O that includes GPS, IEEE1588 or IRIG -disciplined clock. The system supports Innovative and third-party FMC modules for private data channels, triggering and timing features plus USB 3.0 x2, 1 Gbit Ethernet x2, eSATA x2, DisplayPort, touch screen and up to four SSDs or HDDs (2.5 in). Power supply is flexible, accommodating 8 to 36V DC operation.

Innovative Integration, Simi Valley, CA. (805) 578-4260. [].