Quad-Port and Dual-Port Network Adapters with Cost-Effective Bypass Design

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American Portwell’s BPC-51242 is an Intel I350-AM4-based quad-port copper Gigabit Ethernet adapter with superior bypass functionality provided by Portwell’s Gen 1.6 bypass interface. The BPC-51120 is an Intel I210-based dual-port copper Gigabit Ethernet low profile adapter with Portwell’s Gen 3 bypass interface that benefits from being software-controlled. The BPC-51242 is suitable for high-end server appliances and inline network systems that need to maintain connectivity with fail-over/bypass functionality. BPC-51120 is targeted for the enterprise data center, high-performance computing and the embedded environment.

The BPC-51242 supports a quad-port copper Gigabit Ethernet interface via Intel’s I350-AM4 MAC+PHY Ethernet Controller; Intel SR-IOV functionality; built-in Watchdog Timer (WDT) to bypass Ethernet ports when host system hangs or suffers power failure; PCIe x4 (and ready for PCIe v2.0 5GT/s solution).

The BPC-51120 leverages Intel’s I210 (formerly Springville) Ethernet controller. It is fully compliant with 1000base-T and provides Audio Video Bridging (AVB) support with power management technologies; Energy-Efficient-Ethernet (EEE) and direct memory access (DMA); IEEE 1588 precision time protocol circuitry synchronization. BPC-51120 offers Generation 2.1 (2.5GT/s) PCIe x4 or PCIe x1 through its PCI x4 golden finger and presents a compact-168.15 mm x 68.9 mm-low profile, half-length footprint.

Both new BPC-51242 and BPC-51120 network adapters provide a completed intrusion prevention solution provided by Portwell’s bypass design that supports three different bypass modes—normal, bypass and open—to diffuse the cost and inconvenience of a system crash or power failure.

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