FPGA Mezzanine Clock Distribution and A/D Modules

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Two new FPGA Mezzanine Cards (FMC – VITA 57.1) are designed for  multichannel data acquisition and high-speed signal processing and recording. The FMC168 from 4DSP is a digitizer FMC featuring eight ADC channels with 16-bit resolution and 250 Mega samples per second sampling rate per channel. Using the newly released ADS42LB69 from Texas Instruments, the FMC168 offers a high level of performance for software defined radio, beam forming and wireless communication infrastructure equipment. 

The second released product, the FMC408, is a clock distribution FPGA Mezzanine Card with eight synchronized clock outputs and eight synchronized Pulse Per Second signals. Operating at frequencies up to 4 GHz while preserving excellent jitter characteristics, the FMC408 makes it possible to build high-speed multi-channel solutions with ease.

The FMC408 combined with several FMC168 offers 64 fully synchronous A/D channels that can be enclosed in a single ruggedized chassis or 3U server. FMCs can be mounted on PCI-Express, VPX, CompactPCI or AMC FPGA carrier cards. With advances in FPGA device densities and signal processing capabilities on the latest Xilinx Virtex-7 and Kintex-7 platforms, it has become possible to process gigabytes of data in real time and on-the-fly. When coupled with a high-speed CPU and SSD array for storage, FMC-based solutions offer the flexibility, DSP power, scalability and ruggedization levels associated with high-end systems in the Telecommunications, Aerospace and Defense industries.

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