Desktop Network Communication Appliance Provides Scalability with Low Running Costs

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A new network communication security appliance is a desktop unit with a compact footprint based on the low-power embedded 22nm Intel Atom processor C2000 SoC, formerly codenamed “Rangeley,” with up to 8 cores and includes Intel QuickAssist acceleration technology. The new CAD-0230 network appliance from American Portwell features up to 16 Gbyte DDR3L SO-DIMM, two Intel I211 GbE ports and four GbE ports from SoC Quad MAC, two bypass segments on SoC quad ports, one SATA and CFEX storage interface, one mini-PCIe slot and reserved PCIe x1 connector, RJ-45 type console and two USB ports, 40W DC 12V power adapter, optional rack mount and a compact footprint of just 210 mm (W) x 210 mm (D) x 42 mm (H) or 8.27? x 8.27? x 1.65?.

The CAD-0230 network appliance is an attractive solution for security networking applications such as network intrusion prevention/detection; spyware control; content filter; P2P control; instant message recording for system integrators, OEM customers, software developers; and SOHO and remote/satellite office.

Networking and security applications continue to grow in complexity, so systems need increased computational resources to handle increased workloads that can now include cryptography. That’s where Intel QuickAssist Technology really helps. It is specifically designed to optimize the use and deployment of algorithm accelerators on the kinds of applications where CAD-0230 is the suitable choice because it makes it easier for developers to integrate built-in accelerators into their designs. When combined with Atom processor C2000 SoC, it makes CAD-0230 an extremely powerful tool. The CAD-0230 is flexible enough to provide an effective solution not only for enterprises with large networks but also is an efficient low-cost security solution for small office and home office environments.

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