USB Lab Instrument with Six-In-One Function

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 the features of six devices in one USB-powered compact box: 2-channel 11-bit 2 MSa/sec 200 kHz oscilloscope, 2-channel spectrum analyzer, 2 MSa/s 8-bit arbitrary-waveform/standard-function generator with eight digital I/O lines. The CGM-101 CircuitGear Mini from Saelig also functions as a network analyzer and a PWM output source—all for less than $100! The oscilloscope and waveform generator can also work together to form a vector network analyzer. The USB interface allows the recording, output and printing of all waveforms or even updating the firmware as new features become available.

The CGM-101 CircuitGear Mini’s Oscilloscope capability provides a two-channel 11-bit 20mV/div to 5V/div 200 kHz basic scope (+/-0.25Vp-p to +/-25Vp-p with 1X Probe; +/250Vp-p with 10X Probe). It also offers marker measurements and triggering (normal, auto, single-shot and pre-trigger) with a time-base adjustable from 500ns/division to 20s/division. A 1k sample/channel data buffer allows pre-trigger signal or “strip-chart” viewing. X-Y Plot, spectrum analysis, and waveform math are also included. The two-channel FFT spectrum analyzer offers marker measurements and, when used with the internal signal generator, displays Bode plots and performs vector network analysis, showing gain and phase values in real time.

The CGM-101’s Signal Generator is an 8-bit 0 Hz to 200 kHz signal source, offering sine/square/triangle/sawtooth waveforms to +/-2.75V, as well as being capable of outputting arbitrary or preloaded waveforms like ECGs. Connecting the generator signal to a circuit under test enables measurements with the oscilloscope and/or spectrum analyzer.

The CircuitGear Mini also offers eight TTL I/O lines for PWM or other uses such as trigger in/out. The visual interface software provided makes control and display of information very intuitive, and users of bench-top instruments will immediately feel comfortable with the on-screen controls. The oscilloscope, generator and digital I/O are operated from a custom open-source Tcl/Tk software GUI included with the hardware, which runs under Windows, Linux, Unix and Mac operating systems. Because the software is Open Source, the code can be read and even added to or customized. The command set is compatible with Matlab, LabView and virtually any programming language.

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