1U Rackmount Network Communication Appliance Provides Network Security Solution

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 new Intel Atom C2000 product SoC family (formerly codenamed “Rangeley”). It comes with great processor scalability from 2 to 8 cores and Intel QuickAssist Technology function, at only maximum of 20W power consumption with the 8-core SKUs. The CAR-2050 from American Portwell also provides high flexibility by supporting two swappable Portwell NIC modules, two standard NICs, two 3.5” HDD or four 2.5” HDD and four DDR3 w/ECC long DIMM sockets.

The new CAR-2050 1U network appliance is the appropriate solution for network security applications such as firewall, VPN, IDS/IPS, anti-spam, anti-virus and UTM, WAN, and network management applications such as routers, RAS gateways, QoS, server load-balance, wireless controllers, and industrial automation control via Ethernet TCP/IP.

The Intel Atom processor C2000 SoC with Intel QuickAssist Technology provides hardware-based crypto acceleration (encryption/decryption) that offloads cryptographic processing from the CPU core, to meet the increasing needs of the network security market.

The CAR-2050 also delivers great computing performance by utilizing the new 8-core Atom C2000 SoC technology with 1M L2 Cache per two cores, x16 Lanes and four controllers. In addition, it provides flexibility system configuration options with a maximum of 22 ports by two swappable slots for Portwell’s NIC modules and six onboard ports with two segments of intelligent bypass function, and it also supports two standard full-height PCIe cards and two 3.5” HDDs or four 2.5” HDDs.

The bypass function of Portwell’s own design ensures important networking tasks never stop working even when the appliance experiences a software crash or power failure. The CAR-2050 comes with Portwell’s latest 3rd generation bypass interface. It supports Normal, Bypass and Open modes, and it allows users to adjust the bypass setting either via BIOS or operation system.

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