Automotive SoC for Automotive HMI, Infotainment, and Integrated Dashboard Solutions

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An automotive System-on-Chip (SoC) is designed to address growing integrated dashboard and information device market demands. Capable of delivering more than 12,000 Dhrystone million per second (DMIPS) and twice the graphics performance of previous generation high-end devices, the R-Car M2 from Renesas supports high-definition navigation, real-time voice control and other advanced features to provide enhanced connected user experiences within the car.

An R-Car M2 software development board is also now under development and will be available in December 2013 to further simplify and speed the development cycle for designers working with the R-Car M2 SoC. With the newest member of its R-Car series, Renesas aims to expand and reinforce the ecosystem led by the R-Car Consortium, the partner program of operating system (OS) and software providers.

The new R-Car M2 features a dual ARM Cortex A-15 core and Renesas SH-4A core configuration—a CPU combination that delivers both the performance and pricing desired for mid-range automotive solutions. With the R-Car M2 SoC, Renesas continues to develop robust solutions designed to support the growing demand for “smarter,” feature-rich in-car systems. To help improve the user’s development efficiency, Renesas has organized an R-Car consortium that includes OS and middleware providers, and system integrators to support development in automotive information device manufacturers. In addition to the new SoC, Renesas plans to expand the R-Car Consortium, doubling overseas partners from 15 to 30, and a total number of partner companies from 99 to 120, by the end of December 2013.

Renesas Electronics
Santa Clara, CA.