PC/104 PSU Modular Power Supply

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  A modular PC/104 Power Supply Unit (PSU) can be purpose-built for individual systems to provide optimal DC/DC efficiency and variable wattage outputs on any of the voltage-rails. The lower voltages are typically provided on the individual PC/104 cards from a single rail on the PC/104 Bus-Stack using small DC/DC converters. This typically means that the other voltage rails are 100% idle, simply consuming energy and generating heat. The SMT1024 from Sundance can be built and even upgraded after deployment with any combination of 30W of +3.3V; 30W of +5V; 30W of +12V or a nominal 3W for the -12V voltage-rail to offer legacy PCI/104 compatibility.

 The SMT1024 overcomes another design requirement of the modern embedded system in respect to 1500V total I/O isolation between the “Consuming” power and the “Providing” power. This has been enabled with Traco Ultra Compact DC/DC converter modules with 92% efficiency, at full industrial temperature range and fully protected for surge transients up to EN-61000-4-5 level. Additionally, the SMT1024 has thermal protection that will shut down the PSU at 115 degrees (Celsius).

 The SMT1024 has an optional Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) module, based on the Infomart PEM3100 series modules, which replaces the typical AC/DC brick PSU and at the same time connects to an infrastructure network, either locally or globally. Pricing for SMT1024 starts at $395.00 for a single power-rail. The SMT1024 and all its variations are available on typical 6-8 weeks lead-time.

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