Ultra-Fast Booting Intel Core i7-Based SBCs

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A new line of single board computers supports Fast Boot with Intel’s Firmware Support Package (FSP). With the integration of Intel’s FSP into its Intel Core i7-based boot loader solutions,

Extreme Engineering Solutions enables ultra-fast boot times for Intel Core i7-based Single SBCs. The newly released FSP from Intel also opens the door for additional Intel-capable boot loader options beyond the legacy BIOS vendors. This facilitates an expanded ecosystem of both proprietary and open source boot loaders that can be more easily streamlined and tailored for industry-specific needs. The availability of open source options, such as coreboot, has the added benefit of simplifying access to boot loader source code and increasing code traceability for not only the OEM, but also for the end user.

Intel recently developed the FSP as a means to encapsulate the necessary initialization for an Intel processor and chipset into a single release package that any boot loader solution can build upon. Previously, this type of low-level chipset configuration was only released by Intel to a small number of BIOS vendors, who each build their own proprietary boot loader solutions and usually tailor them for the needs of the PC market. This would typically lead to a significant resource investment from the embedded OEMs to modify a complex BIOS solution for the needs of their customers. However, Intel’s approach with the FSP enables the creation and development of streamlined boot loader solutions that will not only provide faster, more reliable and more deterministic boot times, but also reduce development time and costs. 

The initial products from X-ES that will be supporting an FSP-based boot loader solution will be third generation Intel Core i7-based (formerly “Ivy Bridge”) products, including the 3U VPX XPedite7470 and rugged COM Express XPedite7450. FSP support for fourth generation Intel Core i7-based (formerly “Haswell”) products, such as the 3U VPX XPedite7570, XPedite7501 XMC, 6U cPCI XCalibur4500 and 6U VME XCalibur4530 will follow. 

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