Starter Kit for Multicore ARM-based Qseven Modules

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A complete, out-of-the-box starter kit for Qseven modules is based on the Freescale i.MX6, which contains a Cortex-A9 RISC CPU with one, two or four cores. Using the MSC Q7-SK-IMX6 starter kit from MSC Embedded makes it easy to evaluate and test applications. The Q7-IMX6 module is very simple because the kit includes all necessary components for the immediate operation of the Qseven module: a compact Qseven baseboard with power supply, a Qseven heat spreader, an SD Card with bootable Operating System and a Resource CD with drivers and documentation. Also, the starter kit includes all parts required for the development of applications with the Q7-IMX6 module. An optional TFT kit can be provided including a suitable cable set to directly connect the LCD with the Qseven Baseboard of the Starterkit.

The MSC Q7-SK-IMX6 Starterkit is available in versions for Linux and Windows Embedded Compact 7, with an Android version currently in discussion. The kit consists of a compact application baseboard (MSC Q7-MB-EP4) providing the most relevant interfaces such as DVI/HDMI and LCD graphics, LAN, USB, UART, CAN and SDIO. The suitable Heatspreader for the Q7-IMX6 module provides for basic cooling or adaptation of a dedicated cooling solution. A standard 12V power supply is enclosed connecting to the baseboard. The 8 Gbyte Flash SD Card contains the appropriate boot loader and bootable Operating System: either Linux based on the Yocto Project or Windows Embedded Compact 7. In all cases, the accompanying Resource CD includes all documentation and drivers required to immediately start working with the Q7-IMX6 module, plus sample schematics and a collection of technical notes. The MSC Q7-SK-IMX6 is available at a sample price of $275.

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