Removable Memory Cartridge Houses 2.5" SATA Drives with 100,000 Insertion Cycle Connector

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A family of rugged housing units eases the deployment of removable industry-standard high-density SATA solid state drives (SSDs) into embedded systems for defense and aerospace applications. Each Vortex Removable Memory Cartridge (RMC) holds a single industry-standard 2.5” SATA drive and features a non-proprietary, long lifecycle 100,000 insertion cycle connector. Vortex RMCs provide system designers with an open-standard, flexible approach to add secure removable high-density storage to their deployed compute platforms. Because Vortex RMCs are designed for use with standard SATA solid state drives (SSDs), they ease technology refresh and reduce the risk of obsolescence.

The Vortex RMC is available un-populated, already integrated with a SATA drive specified from Curtiss-Wright’s selection of “best-in-class” offerings, or Curtiss-Wright can consult with the system designer to identify the specific SATA drive available in the market that meets their unique mix of density/encryption/sanitation/performance requirements. RMCs are also offered in fully integrated Curtiss-Wright data transport subsystems such as the Vortex Data Transport System (DTS) and VRD1 Video Management System.

Available in a wide range of memory densities up to 1 Tbyte (2 Tbyte density models are scheduled to be available in 2014), RMCs enable the system designer to select the drive type that best suits their lab development or rugged deployed requirements, including SLC NAND Flash, eMLC NAND Flash or MLC NAND Flash SSDs. To ease removal of the compact, shirt-pocket sized RMCs during missions, Curtiss-Wright provides the units with a handle specially designed for use with gloved hands (i.e., Nomex flight gloves).

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