Rugged Multi-Head Next Generation Graphics Display Module

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A new high-performance embedded graphics module is designed for use on deployed airborne and ground vehicle platforms and meets the long lifecycle availability required for military programs through use of a suite of CoreAVI software drivers supported with a 20-year component supply program. The VPX3-716 3U OpenVPX six head graphics display card from Curtiss-Wright Controls Defense Solution is its first based on AMD’s next generation embedded Radeon Adelaar GPU. The rugged VPX3-716 module’s large complement of dedicated video memory, combined with its very high bandwidth, make it attractive for use in demanding graphics-rich applications that require extensive video processing and display capabilities. The VPX3-716 is especially well-suited to support embedded training, moving maps, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), 360 degree situational awareness, Diminished Vision Enhancement (DVE) and other graphics and video-intensive applications.

The highly rugged VPX3-716 3U OpenVPX module delivers unmatched performance and flexibility. When combined with a processor mezzanine in the XMC site, the module provides the highest performing rugged graphics capability in a single 3U slot. It features six independent graphics outputs, 2 Gbyte of dedicated video memory and H.264 MPEG4 motion video decoders, making it ideal for use in a wide variety of ground and airborne environments. For example, the VPX3-716 graphics engine delivers the graphics processing horsepower, large video memory and the very high CPU-to-Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) bandwidth needed to efficiently run today’s embedded training software applications.

The VPX3-716 is supported by CoreAVI’s suite of embedded software drivers, including OpenGL graphics, OpenCL compute driver and H.264/MPEG 2 video decode drivers. The CoreAVI software drivers are designed to enable advanced graphics and video support on all popular real-time and safety-critical operating systems including Wind River VxWorks, and on customer proprietary platforms. For applications that require safety certification, CoreAVI’s software suite includes FAA RTCA DO-178C and DO-254 certification packages that simplify and speed time-to-market and enable long-term availability through the company’s 20-year component supply programs.

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