3U VPX Module houses High-Density Industry Standard 2.5" SATA drives

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A low-cost, flexible solution for embedding rugged, high-density SATA SSD drives into deployed compute platforms can be configured with SSD storage capacities ranging from 128 Gbyte to 1 Tbyte (2 Tbyte capacity SSDs are expected to be available in 2014.) The FSM Carrier (FSM-C) from Curtiss-Wright Controls Defense Solutions is a 3U VPX (VITA 48.2) module that uses industry-standard direct-attached SATA SSDs to ease technology refresh, reduce the risk of obsolescence and make the board essentially “plug-and-play.” It also eliminates the need for system integrators to deal with software drivers, operating systems or processor types, which speeds and simplifies the deployment of removable industry-standard high-density SATA SSDs into embedded systems for defense and aerospace applications. The FSM-C is ideal for use in systems that require data transport, such as mission computers, sensor processors, mission recorders, instrumentation recorders and embedded ISR applications.

The Vortex FSM-C is designed for system integrators seeking the most cost-effective, rugged solution for adding removable high-density storage to their embedded system. To ensure data security, the FSM-C’s internal SSD can be provided with Secure Erase or MIL Secure Erase features. When provisioned, these features can be initiated by an ATA command over the SATA lane. A variety of optional MIL Secure Erase algorithms can also be provided to meet the specific program or application security requirements. For those applications that require removable storage with very high level data protection, we offer our Vortex FSM, a rugged 3U VPX FIPS 140-2 certified 1 Tbyte memory module with on-module support for AES256-bit encryption.

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