3U CompactPCI Serial Carrier Card Integrates M-Module Functionality

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A 3U CompactPCI Serial carrier card with an M-Module slot offers an easy way to integrate flexible I/O. The M-Module slot provides users with the ability to interchange more than 30 I/O functions within a system. The M-Module, which needs only one CompactPCI Serial slot, is screwed tightly onto the G204 from MEN Micro and requires no separately mounted transition panel. This Flexible I/O combines with fast serial technology for enhanced system performance
Designed to combine fast CompactPCI Serial technology with flexible I/O options, the new board serves as the basis for 19”-based system solutions for transportation and industrial applications, such as data acquisition, process control, automation and vehicle control, robotics or instrumentation.
 The new modular mezzanine card operates in the extended temperature range of -40° to +85°C for harsh environments. Developed in 1988 by MEN and later standardized by VITA, M-Modules are modular I/O extensions for all types of industrial computers, from embedded systems up to high-end workstations. Single unit pricing for the G204 is $483. 

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