USB Multi-Sensor Module Measures Any Type of Sensor at Any of 8 Inputs

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A new data acquisition module can measure any type of sensor. The DT9829 from Data Translation supports a broad array of sensor types including: thermocouples, RTDS and thermistors for measuring temperature; bridge-based and strain gage sensors for measuring strain and load cell data such as torque and pressure; and voltage, current and resistance for measuring electrical parameters.

 Any sensor can merely be connected at an input, and all selections, including any necessary for excitation, cold junction compensation or bridge completion, are included and supported by QuickDAQ. No other circuitry or external components are necessary. This very accurate module can measure up to 8 different sensors on any of the 8 channels with no interaction from one to another. The USB module is galvanically isolated from PC ground to preserve measurement integrity and runs off USB power for easy, portable use in the field.

 The module samples at 960 Hz, utilizes 24-bit sigma-delta ADC to eliminate aliasing, and provides 4 isolated digital inputs and 4 open-collector digital outputs for notifications or control. Additional full software support includes comprehensive drivers and interface tools for LabVIEW and MATLAB programmers. The DT9829 is available with 2, 4, or 8 analog inputs with prices starting at $895. 

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