USB 2.0 Digital Signal Analyzer Includes New Time-Frequency Analysis

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A new value-added Visual Signal DAQ Express time-frequency analysis (TFA) application is now included with the Adlink Technology USB-2405 24-bit USB 2.0 dynamic signal acquisition (DSA) module for integrated electronic piezoelectric (IEPE) accelerometer and microphone-based vibration measurement. Inclusion of the application helps to provide a complete solution and improves user experience in machinery vibration analysis environments.

Visual Signal DAQ Express is an easy-to-use application with powerful functionality and interactive user interface that simplifies acquisition and analysis of noise and vibration signals for instant results. Combining high accuracy, superior performance and value-added TFA software, the USB-2405 is the best choice for portable time-frequency spectrum analysis for machine diagnostics and failure prevention, research, and portable field measurement.

Visual Signal DAQ Express was developed by AnCAD Technology, Adlink’s software alliance partner. Visual Signal DAQ Express features graphical, ready-to-use functional modules for quick setup of the USB-2405 DSA, data acquisition and post-processing, frequency domain conversion, digital filtering, time-frequency analysis, data logging and exporting. With a focus on TFA, the combined USB-2405 and Visual Signal DAQ Express package is a valuable tool for analyzing machinery vibration. Users can add modules as needed into the user-defined project to get visual analysis results instantly without any programming, which can minimize the development time of a new project. And the Adlink USB-2405 with Visual Signal DAQ Express provides analysis functions similar to known sound and vibration analysis applications, conserving development resources. The installation USB flash drive for Visual Signal DAQ Express is included with the shipment-ready Adlink USB-2405 at no extra cost. Users need only follow the instructions on the Quick Start Guide to register on the website and activate their Visual Signal DAQ Express.

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