Extreme Rackmount Recorders Provide up to 30 TB storage

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A new line of extreme environment recorders is designed to provide a combination of high performance and large storage capacity in a military-specified rackmount chassis. Designed for field operation, the Talon RTX Rackmount series from Pentek provides up to 30 Tbytes of solid state drive (SSD) storage with aggregate recording rates up to 5 Gbytes/s.

A major innovation for the RTX Rackmount systems is the QuickPac canister that allows operators to quickly remove and replace storage drives in the field. Each QuickPac canister holds eight SSDs, providing up to 7.68 Tbytes of storage space. Up to four QuickPac canisters can be installed in a Talon RTX Rackmount chassis, providing over 30 Tbytes of total storage. Secured by four thumbscrews, full QuickPac canisters can easily be swapped out in the field with very little down time. QuickPac canisters can be transported to the lab, via Pentek transport cases, for offload or analysis, using one of Pentek’s Talon offload or playback systems.

The Talon RTX Rackmount Recorders include a 600 watt, 85 to 264V, 47 to 400 Hz AC power supply. The power supply has an inline EMI filter to protect against conducted emissions and is isolated from

the other electronics in the system via an isolated chassis compartment. The 400 Hz rating allows every RTX Rackmount Recorder to operate in aircraft and other environments where smaller, 400 Hz generators are used. For applications that require DC power, 24V and 28 VDC power supplies are available to replace the AC power supply.

All Talon RTX Rackmount Recorders are built on a Windows 7 Professional workstation with an Intel Core I7 processor and provide both a GUI (graphical user interface) and API (Application Programmer’s Interface) to control the system. Systems are fully supported with Pentek’s SystemFlow software for system control and turn-key operation. The software provides a GUI with point-and-click configuration management and can store custom configurations for single-click setup. The software also includes a virtual oscilloscope and signal analyzer to monitor signals before, during and after data collection.

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