Safety-Critical Expertise and Full Verification for Multicore Platforms

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With industry’s continued emphasis on reducing size, weight and power (SWaP), safety-critical systems manufacturers continue to look for ways to achieve full verification and even certification of multicore systems in a cost-effective manner including the ability to provide cost-effective verification of multicore systems to safety-critical standards. New capabilities in the tool suite from LDRA provide the ability to instrument and capture analysis and test data from such systems and break through the verification barrier, promising system developers the resources and technology they need to achieve rigorous certification.

The need for greater processing power with reduced power consumption is driving the developers of safety-critical applications toward multicore systems. Verification of such systems for rigorous safety-critical certifications such as DO-178C poses specific challenges. When multiple processes run on different cores, the process of collecting structural coverage data and creating and executing tests efficiently can be hampered by concurrency, reliability and robustness roadblocks.

The LDRA tool suite confronts such challenges on multiple levels. With highly optimized instrumentation and analysis, LDRA aggregates the coverage data across the various processors in the multicore system without the typical overhead of mutexes. This approach avoids the deadlocks caused by other verification tools and technologies. On another level, LDRA comprehensively integrates with RTOS and compiler vendors such as Wind River and Green Hills Software to enable execution of all capabilities across the set of cores. Finally, LDRA’s reduced and optimized instrumentation and data collection eases memory and performance overhead.

The tools provide rich, industry-proven integrations with today’s leading safety-critical RTOS vendors. In the avionics sector, LDRA offers full support for the integrated modular avionics technology offered by both Wind River ARINC 653 and Green Hills Integrity-178C. LDRA support includes advanced I/O, project file and IDE integrations, integrations with compiler tool chains and simulators across a wide range of silicon, and integrations with virtualized environments.

The LDRA tool suite works seamlessly within the various tool chains, enabling development teams to bring together the development, execution and verification infrastructure. LDRA’s capabilities for coding-standard compliance, structural coverage, data and control coupling, and low-level testing can be introduced into the verification workflow as needed on the host, simulator, or actual target hardware. Such comprehensive capabilities dramatically improve workflow and development transparency, and ultimately ensure quality of the delivered multicore application.

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