Tool for Design of Embedded GUIs Autogenerates C Code for Rapid Prototyping On PC

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Today, the performance enhancements in modern devices lead customers to expect correspondingly better graphics capabilities and display resolution for next-generation applications. A graphical user interface (GUI) development framework for embedded systems is a PC-based GUI design tool featuring automatic code generation for embedded systems. GUIX Studio from Express Logic simplifies GUI development for medical devices, consumer electronics and industrial control equipment.

Using GUIX Studio, developers and designers can execute a complete UI application on a PC, quickly and easily generating and demonstrating UI concepts and test screen flows in order to observe screen transitions and animations. With GUIX Studio, the designer can select, drag and drop, and resize images, backgrounds, widgets and other elements of a powerful GUI without having to write a single line of code. GUIX Studio generates the code necessary to implement the exact GUI design created on the PC. When completed, the same code can be compiled and linked with the GUIX and ThreadX runtime target libraries as part of a project.

Developers can produce pre-rendered fonts for their applications using integrated font generation in GUIX Studio. Fonts can be generated in monochrome or anti-aliased formats that are compressed to save space on the target. Fonts can include any set of characters, including Unicode characters for multilingual applications. Importing graphics from PNG or JPG files and converting them to compressed GUIX pixelmaps for the target system is another integrated feature of GUIX Studio, and many of the GUIX widget types are designed to incorporate developers’ proprietary graphics for a custom look and feel. In addition, developers can customize default colors and drawing styles used by the standard GUIX widgets. GUIX Studio also generates and maintains application strings for any number of target languages. GUIX Studio is available for Windows 7 and Windows 8 PCs. GUIX and GUIX Studio are licensed together at prices starting at $12,500.

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