DDR4 Memory Modules Offer Lower Power, Higher Bandwidth and Density Benefits

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Now offering DDR4 memory modules, Virtium enables embedded industrial OEM customers to have early test and development access to the lower power, high bandwidth and density benefits of this latest DRAM technology. Delivering significant power savings of up to 40% and up to twice the bandwidth over DDR3, the new DDR4 modules from Virtium are attractive solutions for server blades, networking and telecom applications. 

Virtium’s Very Low Profile (VLP) 0.72-inch or 0.738-inch and Ultra Low Profile (ULP) 0.70-inch memory modules are targeted for space-constrained applications. Continuing Virtium’s exclusive support for the embedded infrastructure market, these first DDR4 modules are offered in the lower profile ULP RDIMM height in capacities ranging from 4 to 16 gigabytes. The new DDR4 modules feature low 1.2V configurations with data transfer speeds of 1866 MT/s.

Virtium has stated that because of its sole focus on the industrial embedded market and because its customers are now doing a majority of their design work around DDR4, Virtium will fully support future proprietary  FBGA and Intel-based chipset systems with a comprehensive DDR4 roadmap of memory module form factors.

Engineering samples of Virtium’s DDR4 ULP RDIMM modules are available now with DRAM from two of the industry’s leading manufacturers.

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