Raspberry Pi Prototyping Kits for Through-hole and Surface Mount Components

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Surface mount Raspberry Pi Kits are now available with the Raspberry Pi Through-Hole Add-on Board from Schmartboard and a choice of many Schmartboard SMT to DIP adapters, which add the ability to use SC70, SOT, SOIC, QFN, QFN and DFN components.

 The Raspberry Pi base board features an extra row of holes for easy access to Raspberry Pi’s General I/O signals along with rows of power and ground strips for easy power-up and flexibility. Pre-routed traces are provided to minimize the use of wire jumpers as well as a slot for the video cable to keep the circuit clean and unencumbered. There is also a marked area where the Raspberry Pi USB and Ethernet Connectors are located to avoid conflicts. Headers are provided with enough clearance to cleanly and safely stack on the Raspberry Pi board, and there are circuits for four level shifters. All this is provided with Schmartboard’s signature offset through-hole grid, which expands part placement options.

The kits are currently available in configurations to support SOT 23, SC 70, SOIC .5 mm, .635 mm, .65 mm, .8 mm and 1.27 mm pitches and many QFP, QFNs and DFNs in both .5 mm and .65 mm pitches. More options will be added as experience shows which package types are most needed.

The Through-Hole shields will retail for $13.00 bundled with the headers. The surface mount kits will retail for $18.00, and additional SMT to DIP adapters retail for $6.00. Kits are available from Mouser Electronics, Fry’s Electronics, Micro Center, Radio Shack and directly from Schmartboard.

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