Suite of Offerings to Protect RTOS-Based Devices.

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A suite of product offerings is designed to provide an umbrella of protection for RTOS-based end points. This cross platform Intrusion Detection and Prevention from Icon Labs runs natively in a wide range of RTOS-based devices found in military, utility, industrial, medical and consumer IoT applications. In addition to protecting from a wide range of cyber-attacks, the security information and event management (SIEM) integration provides monitoring and reporting of attacks upon the network to enable managers to help identify and track the source of the attacks.

Intrusion Detection and Prevention is provided through RTOS-specific threat detection and advanced packet filtering. This set of solutions provides protection from both internal and external threats whether malicious or accidental. Capabilities include detection and reporting of authentication failures and an API that enables protection and monitoring of device specific attack vectors.         

The suite provides stateful packet inspection that filters packets on the state of the connection along with static/rules-based filtering of ports, protocols and IP addresses. Threshold-based filtering monitors packet flows to block packet floods plus protocol-specific deep packet inspection for industry-specific application protocols. There is also active detection of port scans and probes, which frequently indicates an impending cyber-attack.

Enterprise connection is provided through optional extensions to connect and manage  RTOS devices from enterprise policy management systems such as the U.S, Dept. of Defense, HBSS. Both security-related and device-specific events can be captured and logged for reporting to a variety of corporate SIEM systems.

For ease in integration and development, Icon Labs also provides professional services capabilities to facilitate unique implementation projects and product development. User interface from simple command line to web to corporate policy management systems can be customized to specific engineering design requirements.

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