Ready-to-Use, 16-Channel 250MHz Data Acquisition to PCI Express

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A commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) card features advanced digital signal processing (DSP) and data acquisition capabilities. The PC768 from 4DSP is designed for a variety of applications, including medical and scientific imaging and software defined radio (SDR) wideband waveform processing. The PC768 is an excellent, cost-effective choice for applications that require large-band signal digitization and processing through the use of accelerated frequency-domain algorithms. The new PCI Express product features the Xilinx Kintex-7 combined with 16 A/D channels at 250 Msps.

Multichannel data acquisition systems offer challenges due to the massive amount of data digitized simultaneously. The Kintex 7-based PC768 has the necessary resources to overcome system throughput bottlenecks typical of DSP- and GPP-based systems. Systems based on the PC768 will benefit from ample logic and DSP resources, as well as large memory density and high-throughput PCIe communication.

The PC768 enables rapid prototyping and timely solutions deployment through the use of 4DSP’s StellarIP tool, which is part of 4DSP’s Board Support Package. It offers FPGA design engineers the ability to efficiently implement processing algorithms on the Kintex-7 device. Code reuse and high-level abstraction make it an agile and efficient approach to FPGA firmware design. The PC768 adds to 4DSP’s PCIe FPGA card data acquisition product catalog. It is ready to use right out of the box and is well-suited for speeding design to production for both the industrial and defense markets. A full suite of tools is available to support the PC768.

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