AMC Storage Modules Quadruple Transfer Rate with Upgrades

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The VadaTech line of AMC Storage Modules has been upgraded with higher transfer rate, RAID and Host Bus Adapter options. The first in the line of upgraded storage AMCs is the AMC626. The module meets the AMC.1 specifications for use in MicroTCA and AdvancedTCA systems. It comes in the single module, mid-size, and holds a 2.5-inch drive for SATA III at a 6 Gbit/s transfer rate or SAS-3 for a 12 Gbit/s transfer rate. The AMC626 has a storage capacity of 900 Gbyte per disk and includes a Host Bus Adapter (HBA). The HBA allows the storage data to transfer across the fat pipe fabric, expanding from two dedicated SAS/SATA ports to x8 lanes across PCIe Gen 3. The result is up to four times the data transfer rate across the backplane.

The new storage modules provide RAID 0, 1, 1E and 10 options. This provides striping, mirroring and mirroring/block-level striping. The AMC626 also includes dual RS-232 and dual SFF-8644 ports for expansion out the front panel providing support for eight SATA/SAS ports.  

VadaTech offers storage modules in HDD, CompactFlash, SATA, SAS and SATA/SAS versions. This includes a mix of 1.8-inch and 2.5-inch sizes and various RAID options. The company also provides the full MicroTCA ecosystem including chassis platforms, MCHs, power modules, JTAG switch modules and over 200 AMCs of all types.

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