PCI Express Mini Card Enables Wireless Voice Communications,

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A mobile phone voice interface PCI Express mini card provides cost-effective wireless audio transmissions in rugged, mobile applications such as railway and on-road vehicle networks. The new PX4 from MEN Micro can be integrated into MEN Micro’s full line of rugged, flexible box PCs.  This allows voice and phone functionality across many popular communication networks to be easily incorporated into a mobile system.  

Developers no longer need to implement a separate, costly audio system that enables the driver to call the control room or the control room to make an announcement to the passengers, for example. The new Mini Card supports the transmission of the audio data via Ethernet or analog signals through a USB interface. An additional PCI Express Mini Card (Telit HE910) for wireless functions like UMTS, LTE or Edge mounted on the PX4 makes mobile telephony possible. One SIM card slot is also available.

All box PCs from MEN Micro are specially designed for demanding operation in buses and railway systems or in agriculture and building machines. Working at an extended temperature range of -40°C to +85°C, they conform to EN 50155 and can be certified to E-mark. Pricing for the PX4 is $250.  Delivery is six to eight weeks ARO.

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