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True Robots Differ Substantially from Other Automated Systems

The topic of robotics comes with a certain number of preconceived notions. On one end, robots are ambulatory, linguistically endowed anthropomorphic intelligent machines—the stuffRead More...

Industry Insider

Industry Insider

Intel Buys McAfee for Over $7 Billion In what turns out to be the biggest purchase in its history, Intel has acquired anti-virus software maker McAfee for $7.68 billion. The deal appeaRead More...

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Transitioning From Analog to Digital in Medical Designs

The burgeoning medical device industry stands to make significant advances with a new generation of microcontrollers that boasts high performance and low power consumption. These microcRead More...

Technology Connected

Upgrade Existing Industrial Networks with Fiber Optics

Factory automation, control and management have become crucial to the world’s supply chain. High-volume consumer product and automotive manufacturing, for example, require secure,Read More...

Technology in Context

Is There Life Beyond Defense and Aerospace for VPX?

What does a Navy SH-60 helicopter landing on a ship have in common with an oil rig and a coal mine? Answer, they are all extremely dangerous places with harsh environments of temperaturRead More...